People are concerned with the events of their own era, marking time by reference to the recent past. Not surprisingly, Khorvairians use a calendar devised in the early days of the Kingdom of Galifar. Hundreds of years ago, the dragonmarked houses adopted this system of timekeeping, claiming that it was partially based on draconic measurements.

Years are numbered, with the founding of the Kingdom of Galifar marking year 1. For 998 years, since Galifar declared his kingdom, the years have been designated YK for the Year since the founding of the Kingdom of Galifar. Years before that time are marked with a minus sign. Thus, the year of King Galifar’s birth is known as – 45 YK.

You can find further details about the cosmology and calendar on this page

Month Season Ours Dragonmark
Zarantyr Mid-winter January Storm
Olarune Late winter February Sentinal
Therendor Early Spring March Healing
Eyre Mid-spring April Making
Dravago Late Spring May Handling
Nymm Early Summer June Hospitality
Lharvion Mid-summer July Detection
Barrakas Late Summer August Finding
Rhaan Early Autumn September Scribing
Sypheros Mid-autumn October Shadow
Aryth Late Autumn November Passage
Vult Early Winter December Warding

There are 4 weeks of 7 days each in a month, for a total of 28 days. The days are as follows;

Day Ours
Sul (Sunday)
Mol (Monday)
Zol (Tuesday)
Wir (Wednesday)
Zor (Thursday)
Far (Friday)
Sar (Saturday)
Date Special Day Type of Day Location Description
9 Crystalfall Celebration/Contest Sharn To celebrate the fallen Glass Tower sculptors carve ice towers and throw them into the Dagger River.
20 The Day of Mourning Anniversary Khorvaire This marks The Day of Mourning, when Cyre was destroyed. People observe in many ways.
15 Sun’s Blessing Holy Day Khorvaire
26 Aureon’s Crown Holy Day Khorvaire
12 Brightblade Holy Day Khorvaire
23 The Race of Eight Winds Sporting Event Sharn Contestants fly all around Sharn in attempt to win the race and prestige.
4 The Hunt Holy Day Khorvaire
25 Fathen’s Fall Holy Day Khorvaire
9 Boldrei’s Feast Holy Day Khorvaire
18-19 Wildnight Holy Night Khorvaire At sunset on Wildnight, worshipers and the nonfaithful alike give vent to their passions, in a raucous festival dedicated to the Fury.
11 Thronehold Anniversary Khorvaire This marks the day of the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold and the end of The Last War.
26-28 Long Shadows Holy Festival Khorvaire Dark magic dominates this three-day period that honors the Shadow.
13 Revelations Day Holy Day Blood of Vol A day venerated by the Blood of Vol, changes every year due to their 13 month Calendar.


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