Princes of Eberron

Session 1: The Adventure Begins

The party gathers in Fairhaven.

They are charged with mapping and finding Dhakaani Ruins along the Eldeen Reaches and Audarin border of the Wyarn River.

Niccoli d’Cannith is asked to delivered a message for a colleague to a caravan of cannith tinkers near the route that the party is going.

Quelenna d’Pharlian was given a secret mission by House Pharlian to find out about missing persons and a group that is active along the border where the party is going.

The party is assigned as guards for a House Orien caravan traveling to Wyr. The trip is mostly uneventful except the caravan is ambushed by some goblinoids.

They reach Wyr and get rooms. J.B. Tharashk performs in the local tavern, ending up licking a half-orc troublemaker.

They hear rumors from workers at a local quarry that there are men in stone masks that appear at night causing the workers to not work.


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